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Love for our food,
Era Trade for Planet

An environmentally sustainable production process consists in caring for people’s well-being and for the territory while paying attention to every single detail.

EraTrade for

Today, being producers and exporters of Cameroonian food worldwide means operating in a broader, global context and taking into consideration the impact that the production processes and the products can have on the environment and on people.

We firmly believe that it is possible to create valuable products ethically and responsibly: for 20 years, we have given our contribution to the safeguard of Our Planet by supervising the entire production process and the selection of the most sustainable raw materials, and by deciding to produce Cameroonian specialties with 100% recyclable packaging.

The cardboard of our packages is PEFC and FSC certified; it is taken from protected forests and from a well-managed supply chain.

Cameroonian food
is our passion

Era Trade means passion for the territory, respect, commitment, sustainability and most of all, genuine people.